Richard LaFuente Was Released From Prison!

After serving 28 years for someone else’s crime, Richard LaFuente was finally released from prison this morning. Interestingly, he was released without explanation. But I think we all know what the explanation is: He, and his codefendants, were innocent to begin with.

But our job is not done. The documentary film must still be made, so that the true killers of Eddie Peltier can be brought to justice, and Richard and his codefendants’ names can be cleared, once and for all.

In conjunction with Richard’s release this morning, we launched a new crowd funding campaign for the film on Indiegogo. We invite you to visit the campaign site, and spread the word deep and wide across your communities. Here’s a link to the Indiegogo campaign:

Together, we’ve gotten this far. Let’s keep going until the job is done!

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