the skeptic

Gladys Peltier, mother of Jerome Eddie Peltier (photo courtesy of the Grand Forks Herald)

GLADYS PELTIER, the victim’s mother, initially believed that Richard LaFuente and his co-defendants were guilty of murdering her son.  However, in 1999, after years of rumination, she came to believe they were innocent.  Though nine of the eleven convicted had been released by 1999 due to insufficiency of evidence, LaFuente and John Perez remained in prison.  Gladys wrote an impassioned letter (below), with the assistance of appellate attorneyJonathan Garaas, to the federal parole board, pleading for LaFuente and John Perez’s freedom.  On the third page of her letter, she quotes her husband, a BIA policeman who died of cancer in 1993 and who believed LaFuente and the others were innocent: “The truth will eventually come out.”